What We Can Do For You

Help with Friendly Cats You Have Found

We receive many requests from people who have found a lost or abandoned cat, or a litter of kittens, wanting to know if we can help. There is no simple answer to that question because there are so many variables to take into consideration.

The first and most obvious question is how social and friendly the cat/kittens are and whether or not you have brought them to live inside.  The cats not only need to be friendly, but used to living indoors, using a litter box, and interacting with people on a daily basis.

Assuming that the cats in your care are social (or in the case of kittens, are young enough to be socialized), we offer a Public Assisted Adoption Program. Read more about it on our official site. And come into our store at Newpark Mall to talk with us in person and to sign up for the program. It’s important to know that during spring and summer—known to us as kitten season, we sometimes have a wait list for the program due to the high number of requests.

Assistance with Free-Roaming & Feral Cats

For those who wish to trap free-roaming or feral cats (cats that cannot be socialized and will never be full-time indoor pets) living in their neighborhood,  we sell low-cost spay and neuter vouchers that are honored at three local veterinarians.  These vouchers cost $30, cover all spay/neuter costs and require an “ear tip” at the time of surgery so that in future the cat can easily be identified as already sterilized.


You will be responsible for taking the cat to its vet appointment and keeping it for a few days while it recovers. Upon recovery, the cat is returned to the same place it came from.  This is essential: we cannot—nor should you—relocate the cats somewhere they are unfamiliar with.

If it is not possible to return the cats, be it for safety concerns, a threat to the cats, or any other reason, the most humane thing to do is to trap the cats and take them to Tri-City Shelter in Fremont.   It is likely that they as non-social cats will be euthanized, but that is preferable to being left/placed somewhere that is not a safe haven to them.

If there are multiple cats—a feral colony, we encourage you to trap as many as you can for spaying, and to consider maintaining the colony by putting out some food (and if possible, water) once a day.  A properly maintained feral colony can be less of a nuisance than most people think.  The cats, even with supplemental food, will hunt for snakes and vermin, and their presence will discourage other cats from outlying areas from coming in. A feral colony is not right for all situations and for all people, so it should be considered before you proceed; you want the best option for both cats and their human neighbors.

This is just a brief overview of our services. For more information, visit one of our adoption clinics or contact us either by phone or e-mail:  We serve Fremont, Newark, Union City, and Hayward.

510-739-1597 (This number is an answering service; do not expect an immediate response.  For fastest reply, e-mail us at thepurrfectcats@gmail.com

Purrfect Cat
Rescue PO Box
7958 Fremont CA 94537-7958


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