While pictures of happy, adopted cats are a nice visual of the work we do, the public might find it informative to see what a relatively small rescue can accomplish in actual numbers.  The links below are forms we completed the past few years when we participated in Maddie’s Fund© Pet Adoption Days.

Below are spreadsheets with three years worth of statistics, but here is a simplified version of our statistics from 2012 which also includes information on the cats spayed and neutered through our low-cost voucher program.

Cats already in our program at the beginning of 2012 – 32
Cats brought into PCR healthy, social and ready for adoption – 45
Cats brought into PCR requiring medical care and/or socialization – 230
Cats brought into PCR that were seriously sick and/or wounded – 35
Total number of cats brought into PCR – 310
Total number of cats in PCR program during 2012, including those remaining from previous year – 342

Number of fully socialized and healthy cats adopted – 215
Number of cat with special needs adopted – 32
Number of healthy cats transferred to other organizations – 27
Number of treatable cats transferred to other organizations – 10
Number of cats euthanized – 31
Total number of cats placed – 284
Total number of cats cared for (including those euthanized) – 315
Number of cat remaining in the care of PCR at the end of 2012 – 27

Number of cats spayed and neutered using the PCR low-cost voucher program:
Feral/Stray (free-roaming) Cats – 200
Companion Cats – 100

Total number of cats no longer able to reproduce – 642

2011 Statistics

2012 Statistics

2013 Statistics



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