Important Changes

Since 2012, our Flagship has been a retail space in Newpark Mall.  Purrfect Cat spent years selling low-cost vouchers and doing adoptions in corners of pet food stores and on tables temporarily set-up in public spaces; until the management team of Newpark Mall gave us a vacant store for a song.  We spent two years downstairs by Sears, then we moved upstairs near Burlington, where we have remained since.

The store is ideal.  We have come to see it as our home.  But it’s not actually ours.  And with regret, the mall needs that space to temporarily house another business while their store is being remodeled.  There is a lot of activity going on at Newpark Mall at the moment; and as anyone who has ever renovated knows, everything takes more time and money than what you think it will.

This being the case, we’re not sure how long we may have to relocate. So the most logical short-term solution is to return to mobile adoption events.  We have just worked out a deal to maintain our Newpark Mall hours (Friday 4 to 7, Saturday & Sunday 12 to 3) at Waggin’ Tails in Union City  starting the first weekend in June. We will let you know of other locations and times when they become available.

In the meantime, please check in frequently here and on our facebook page for updates. This happens at the worst possible time for us, just as the spring kittens are becoming old enough to be adoptable, so we want to be sure that those looking to adopt can actually find us.  Our last day at Newpark Mall will be Friday May 27.




3 thoughts on “Important Changes

    • Hi Carole. No, Maddie’s Fund has suspended their adoption event this year. They are looking to do smaller scale events and a lot more educational programs. They might someday do other big adoption events but nothing we have heard about so far.

      • Thanks, We’ll try to come and visit you in Union City! Hemi says “Hi”! He said he is sorry to hear about Maddies, ’cause that’s where his Mommie (me) adopted him 4 years ago. My how time flies. Take care, Carole and Hemi

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