Cats of the Week

It’s been a long time since posting here, and I apologize for that.  Summer is a busy time for us: cats and kittens filling our adoption clinics; the public showing up almost every week to buy low-cost spay and neuter vouchers; and some of us (not me) are lucky enough to be taking vacations.

The cats I would like to introduce you to are not in fact cats in the care of Purrfect Cat.  They are currently residing at a local veterinary office, taken in when the cats’ family lost their home.   Because Dr. Rue, their veterinarian,  has been kind enough to house and feed them until they are adopted, we have made room for them in our weekend adoption clinics at Newpark Mall.   They are all adult cats, six to seven years old, used to a calm, quiet and spoiled life in the home of an older couple.   They have been spayed/neutered, are up to date on all their vaccinations, and in good general health, although two of the three could benefit from a bit more exercise.

Seeing as they are adult cats, set in their ways and used to living with older people, they can be a bit shy to begin with, but all are friendly, love to be pet, and would make great companions for a similar, quiet, low-key home.  We ask for no adoption fee for these cats , but still require any potential adopters to fill out our standard application to be sure the cats are being matched with the right family.

If you are interested, you can contact us through the comments section of this blog, on our facebook page, or call Irvington Veterinary Clinic (510-657-4060) for more information.







Thanks for reading and please share (via twitter, facebook, or any other way you care to) if you think you know of anyone who might be looking for an adult cat to adopt.

Charles on behalf of Purrfect Cat Rescue


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