Preparing to Adopt

This information is available in our store and on our main website, but as I am promoting Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days here this week, it seemed like something worth bringing up.

Firstly, and I suppose this should be obvious to everyone (although, based on some recent experiences, it is not), before you adopt, ask yourself why you want to.  Do you have the time to care for a pet?  Is it going to enhance your life, your family, your home?  Do you live somewhere that is conducive to the type of animal you are considering?   You might think someone working with an animal rescue would be the last to talk anybody out of adopting, but we do not merely want to adopt out cats; we want to adopt them to people who can properly care for them.

Consider, too, the age/type of animal versus your household makeup.  If you have four children under the age of six, a two-month old kitten might not be the best choice.  Nor would it be a good choice for an elderly person who uses a walking frame.  It’s not just about the pet’s safety; it’s also about the safety of its caretakers.   Think about these things and talk to those who are fostering the animals to be sure you get the right match for you.  The cat you are drawn to because it’s pretty or reminds you of the one you had as a child might not be the one that actually suits your lifestyle, home and family.


When you come in to adopt you will first be asked to fill out an application (these can be found on our website and submitted before you come in to adopt if you like).  As you can see from the application, it’s just basic information we require.  We want to be sure the questions I posed in the preceding section have been dealt with, that you are allowed to have a pet where you live, and that you have some basic knowledge of what this little life will require of you.

If you are planning to adopt and are a renter or live in an apartment/condo, save yourself some time and get a note from the landlord or manager indicating you are permitted to have pets before you come in to adopt.  The rules sometimes change, or the terms of them do; some apartments, for instance, charge an additional monthly fee for each pet.  You need to know that and know that you can manage the added expense before you adopt.

Most people who have had already shared their home with a companion animal know all this, but working at the adoption clinics I see people on a weekly basis who have not taken all these things into account.  For those people, all of this is worth mentioning and worth their consideration.

If you are thinking of adopting a companion animal in the near future, be it from us or elsewhere, you should look at the list of rescues and shelters taking part in the Maddie’s® Event this weekend.  The adoption fees are waived, saving the adopters a little money for pet supplies, and the rescues are given a grant for each adoption.



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