Knocked Up

Working in animal welfare as we do, we are acquainted with lots of people in the same boat as us, in one manner or another— veterinarians, other rescues, shelter workers, and so on.  If there is a virus going around, a new rescue group on the scene, or another shelter closing due to funding cuts we hear about it fairly quickly.  The same holds true with regards to kitten season; when it arrives, we know it immediately.

All of the vets we regularly work with, as well as other members of the spay/neuter community, are currently reporting the large number of stray and feral cats being brought in for spaying who are in already in heat, if not pregnant.  These cats are, of course, being spayed, but they are nothing more than a foretelling of the many more who will not be spayed in time, those who will first be seen with a litter of kittens in tow.

I’d like to say we are prepared for this eventuality, but we are not.  PCR does not have enough foster homes to care for even a fraction of the cats we will be asked to help this year.  That’s not an overstatement.  It’s not an exaggeration of the facts made in an effort to guilt people in fostering.  It’s a fact, plain and simple.

We face the real possibility of not being able to foster (and subsequently, adopt) more than a couple of dozen cats this year.   Fosters can (within reason) set their own terms with regard to the age and number of cats they are willing to foster.   We provide guidance, as well as all necessary medical care, food, and litter.  You will be responsible for socializing the cats, taking them to vet appointments and bringing them into our adoption clinics weekly.  In the case of an emergency or a planned vacation we can make arrangements for another foster to temporarily take over your fostering duties.

Anyone interested can leave a comment here on the PCR blog, leave a comment on our facebook page (search “purrfect cat rescue”), or stop by one of adoption clinics (times and days listed in the “where” tab).

Charles for Purrfect Cat Rescue


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