Jinx, Toffee and Lyric

In the interest of full-disclosure I should start by saying that I am particularly fond of orange cats.  I don’t know why for certain, although when I was very young our next-door neighbors had a very large, very fluffy orange cat that I was determined to make my friend.  He scratched the hell out of me, but I didn’t give up on making him my friend; I guess I liked the challenge.  Unfortunately, the cat (and the family he lived with) moved to Buffalo, New York, so our friendship never did get off the ground.

That fondness for orange cats has stayed with me so I am biased when I suggest that people looking for a cat should consider one of these three.  I’ve known Lyric for a year and have spent most of that time asking “Why hasn’t anyone adopted this guy?”  As a kitten, Lyric had a very sensitive stomach and required an expensive hypoallergenic food, but I figured having one of the friendliest cats in the world was worth a dollar of cat food a day; the general public disagreed with me, it seems.


Today, his stomach is better and he is able to eat a more reasonably priced food, but he remains one of the friendliest cats I have ever met.  He loves being pet and played with, and has a unique face, with big intelligent eyes.

Our next cat, Toffee,  is equally charming and affectionate.  He is about two-and-half years old, and was sent to us because his former owner claimed he was unreliable in his use of the litter box.  Living in his new foster home he is kept in a large room-sized cage where he has consistently used his litter box as he should, but because he has not been given the run of the house, we cannot guarantee his bathroom habits.


His foster suspects his misbehavior was brought on by changes to his environment and that he might prefer a quieter, calmer home without children.  We hope someone will give this highly affectionate cat another chance at a permanent home.

The last of our orange Titian trio is Jinx.


Jinx is a man of mystery.  He was found by a friend to PCR and we agreed to try to find him a home.  When he was taken to the vet for an exam it was discovered that he was microchipped.  The information associated with his chip placed him in San Diego and his owners no longer lived there.  We can assume they moved up here at some point and did not update their address with the microchip company.  Or Jinx decided he preferred Northern California over Southern.

Whatever brought him here, he’s here.  He is six years old, very friendly and affectionate, and needs someone who can give him a good amount of attention because (for obvious reasons) Jinx  likes attention and reassurance.

If you are interested in seeing any of them, stop by one of our adoption showcases (times in the where to find us tab) or e-mail me at pcrcatboy@aol.com

Charles for Purrfect Cat Rescue


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