Adults Only

One of our fosters, Sarah, claims there is an almost precise moment when our former kitten fosters—now adult cats, decide they are done with coming to the adoption clinics.  They sit facing the wall, grumbling at people who pass by, and sometimes even growl, hiss or take a swat at someone who tries to visit with them.  Basically, they make adopting them near impossible, and it’s a shame since once they return to their foster homes at the end of the day, they are magically transformed back into the affectionate, playful, wonderful cats we know them to be.

In addition,  kitten season is in full swing so the adult cats are less likely to get much attention from people to begin with, what with kitten acrobats climbing the walls, playing with their litter-mates, and pawing at anyone who gives them the slightest attention.  As in incentive to adopt our adults cats we are waiving our usual required donation. You still have to fill out an application just like any other cat we offer, but unlike our kitten adoptions, those who qualify will walk home with a new cat and nothing out-of-pocket.   These adult cats—as with any cat or kitten we offer for adoption,  have been spayed and neutered, and all their vaccinations are up to date.

There are certain benefits in adopting an adult cat: the upper respiratory infections and stomach ailments so common in rescued kittens have long since been resolved in an adult cat; they have lived in our homes for a long time becoming very much who they are going to be, so you know their personality before you adopt; and after months of coming to our adoption clinics seeing hundreds of people, these cats are used to meeting new people, generally making the transition to a new home fairly smooth.

Kittens can still be seen on Friday night at Petco in Fremont and Petco Union City on Saturday, but this weekend at our Newpark Mall store (upper level near Burlington), it’s all about the grown ups.  And rest assured, adults or not, they still have a lot of kitten-ish fun in them when given the chance.


One thought on “Adults Only

  1. We call these adults, but many are barely a year old. They are just as much fun as kittens when humans play with them – find the right toy, and watch the kitten emerge!

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