Purrfect Cat Spring News

Kitten Season

Despite the smallish number of cats currently being seen at our adoption clinics, there are a lot of kittens on the way.  Some are already being bottle-fed by our fosters, some have yet to be found and trapped, and some are innocently napping inside their feral mothers for the time being—but they will all be coming to a Purrfect Cat showcase in the near future.

Maddie’s Fund Adoptathon

The weekend of June the 9th and 10th will see the kittens mentioned above available for free adoption to anyone who qualifies.  This is due to the generous support of Maddie’s Fund, a bay area non-profit that has benefited dozens of pet rescue groups and saved thousands of cats and dogs. Once a year Maddie hosts the largest single-weekend adopathon in the country, comprising sixty or more animal welfare groups including our own.  It’s with a great deal of honor and gratefulness that we take part.  For more information and a list of the many groups that will take part visit the Adoptathon site.

I’m Still Here

Some of our most affectionate cats are still available for adoption and for the life of me I don’t know why.  Zippy, who was featured here a few months back, has yet to be adopted and I think he has a part in it.  He goes to the adoption clinics and naps the day away, making no attempt to woo prospective adopters.  Despite his apparent indifference, he would like a permanent home and is as affectionate as can be.

Crush (who develops one on virtually anyone he meets) is at least as affectionate as Zippy, climbing up people’s shirts so he can rest on their shoulders and nuzzle their faces.  He loves to receive attention, but I think he likes to give attention to others even more.  He truly is a charmer, and quite the diminutive cat that would be especially well-suited to an older person, someone with a physical limitation, or a small child.

Opus and Lyric—who are not brothers, but could be based on their resemblance, both from their physical appearance and their personalities, are just about year old and should have found a home months ago.  They are affectionate, playful, silly, and full of love.  Lyric is a bit more of a ham, but both like people and other cats almost indiscriminately.  They are a real joy to be around.

If you are interested in any of the cats seen here, visit one of our adoption clinics, or contact us through our main website or using the contact information on the About Us page.

Fostering & Other Help

We are always looking for people interested in fostering kittens and cats, particularly this time of year, the busiest of all—kitten season.  Fostering is a very personal choice, some people love caring for bottle babies, others prefer older kittens already weened and eating on their own, and some like adult cats.  If anyone chooses to help us by fostering, we do our best to respect their preferences and comfort level when choosing which cats to ask them to care for.  If you or anyone you know is interested in fostering, contact us via one of the sources above.

In addition to fosters we are always happy to receive supplies.  A partial list of things we and our fosters need can be found under the What You Can Do For Us tab.

Charles on behalf of Purrfect Cat Rescue


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