Foster Homes Needed

Along with the pollen and rain, the beginning of spring is marked with the arrival of kittens.  We are already getting calls about found kittens, and many, many more will follow.  We have less active foster homes than in past years and some of them still have kittens (now adult cats) from last year.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in fostering kittens please contact us immediately.  We are willing to work with people in terms of how long they are willing to foster for—whether you want to keep them until they’re adopted, just until you have them socialized enough to be showcased at one of our adoption clinics, or maybe you’d like to care for bottle babies until they are weened. Whatever the case, we can most likely use your help.

There is some work involved, but it’s also fun, and it is extremely valuable to us in our efforts to find homes for every kitten and cat that is friendly enough to become a pet.  Please consider making yours a temporary home to these animals until they can find one that is permanent.

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