Nora & Tiny Tim

The post that follows is about two cats I am fostering on my own, they are not PCR cats and the fundraiser I have organized is entirely for their benefit, not for the benefit of any PCR cats.  I say this to be sure that nobody mistakenly makes a donation thinking they are supporting Purrfect Cat Rescue, which you can do if you wish by sending a check to the address listed in the contact information, or with a paypal payment via our main site here.  I should also clarify that this Tiny Tim is not the same one mentioned in a previous post here: I simply lack imagination and tend to name all cats with a lame foot Tiny Tim. 

Tim and Nora are two cats in need of a permanent home, but not a conventional one.  Born outdoors, lost or abandoned as kittens, they were taken in by someone well-meaning, but not equipped either to socialize or properly care for them—a cat hoarder. They came to me when their caregiver set these two and several other cats free prior to her being institutionalized by her daughter due to long-term mental illness.

Having been indoors since they were kittens they do not have the instincts of a true feral cat, and Tim is at an added disadvantage due to a foot that was malformed at birth. Conversely, they were too old by the time they came into my care to be socialized enough to ever be pets.

This puts them in special category: an animal not tough enough to survive on its own, but not friendly enough to be a pet.  Fortunately, there are a few animal sanctuaries that take dogs and cats that cannot otherwise be placed.  But placing them comes at a cost. They are run mainly on donations which do not cover their costs and require those leaving a cat with them to pay an endowment to help feed, house and provide medical care for the animal for the rest of its life.

Fat Kitty City in El Dorado Hills, CA is one of them.  It is my wish to place Nora and Tim there.  Doing so will cost $1000 per cat, a comparative bargain if one considers what a pet can cost over the course of its lifetime.

I was very reluctant when someone suggested this fundraiser since I was afraid it would come across as heart-tugging social blackmail: “If these cats don’t find a home I will have no choice but to euthanize them or throw them out to fend for themselves.”  In truth, if I am unable to raise this money, these cats will continue to live in my bedroom for the rest of their lives.  They are well fed and cared for, but because of their feral natures they cannot be allowed to roam the house at will, visiting with my other cats, sitting in front of a sunny open window—doing all the things most house cats gets to do.  This doesn’t strike me as any way for an animal to live for the next 15 years or so which is why I overcame my initial reluctance to beg for money.

I hope to raise the required $2000 through this fundraiser, and I hope you will consider making a contribution towards it.  My fundraiser page can be viewed here.

Thank you,


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