Cat of the Week: Bubba & Sugar

This is a two for one.  Bubba and his best friend Sugar.

Bubba is about four months old but a little small for his age.  He was shy and needed some help figuring out how to be a cat, so Sugar took him under his wing.  Sugar, despite being a boy, too, and just a month or so older than Bubba, took on the role of mother and friend.  He taught Bubba how to care for himself and how to play.

They are a lively pair, playing with anything tossed their way, but both enjoy sitting on laps and being given lots of attention, especially Bubba.  They like each other very much and would make a good pair to someone looking for two cats, but his foster is pretty sure that Bubba is now independent enough to part with Sugar for the right home.

Sugar wants everyone to know that this picture does not do him justice.  To meet him or Bubba, visit our storefront at Newpark Mall (see “where to find us” tab for times and days).


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